Meet Sam,

Founder of The Social Butterfly 

The woman, the myth the legend.

Known to only cry on the inside like a winner,   Sam is the person you call on when you want to start solutioning your problems. Unless you have puppies or a dancing video, then call anytime.

Marrying her love for travel and the arts as a dancer, while getting her Honors in Strategic Management and starting her career as a business analyst in the corporate world, she set the tone for her dual-life, creative and business, strategic and solutions (insert standing ovation here). 

On a Friday night you’ll more-often-than-not find her at her laptop with a glass of wine, because TSB is her pride and joy.

The perfect match of her creative and business strengths that have finally found harmony. Her career experience, partnerships, published paper in the pan-pacific business journal and love for performing arts have finally found the perfect place to create magic for the people who need it most - and that is The Social Butterfly. 

Now that you know Sam, let’s get some magical shit done!

Meet Chels,


When she's not painting or cooking, she is living her dream life as a work-from-home mom. Driven by her passion for art, she transfers this into her work ethic at The Social Butterly.   

With over 8 years of experience in the Graphic Design and Digital Marketing industry, her unique way of combining design and strategy is what makes her the greatest asset to our team. 

Chelsea heads up design and strategy and uses her knowledge of digital marketing and UX to help you translate your message visually. 

Cancerian by night, and working mom by day. Her compassion and empathy are a breath of fresh air in this digital era. Let her turn your dreams into so much more than just reality.